Aal Aboot the Angel of the North Book

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'Aal Aboot the Angel of the North' Book. Find out everything you ever needed to know about the North East’s iconic landmark in this fascinating book. The full story of The Angel and the site on which it stands is detailed in this stylish paperback.

Antony Gormley's Angel of the North has only been around since 1998 but it is hard to imagine Gateshead without it. Today it is the most widely recognised symbol of Gateshead and the North East and has quickly become a cherished national icon. There is something extraordinarily welcoming about the Angel; with its wings outstretched in its lofty setting overlooking the A1 it gives the onlooker a sense of arrival. This book tells the story of the Angel of the North and the site on which it stands. It features facts, quotes and opinions about the Angel and its setting and its lasting legacy.


• Paperback

• 64 Pages

• Dimensions: 12.3 x 0.5 x 16.5 cm

• Written by David Simpson and published by My World Publishing.